Beach  Volleyball  for  New  England  Youth!

"2nd place at Nationals!"...Emily (Sept 19, 2015.  A U12 SpikeU player).


Why is SpikeU so awesome?

SpikeU has a unique blend of talented players.  You never know who you will compete against!


We play at awesome venue's such as Hampton Beach, NH, Ted Williams Camp, MA, Hollis/Brookline Beach courts, Old Orchard Beach, ME and Point Sebago, ME.


All players (especially top players) are rewarded in many ways like bid's to national championships, goodie bags, awards, sponsor gifts, interviews by Fox25 News and SpikeU TV and a seat in the SpikeU Leader Tent.


You get to learn and practice the right ways to play.......the best sport on the planet!


SpikeU is your perfect source to gain a competitive edge in your volleyball game!.  With SpikeU, you can improve your indoor game, go to a national championship (more easily than indoor), become a Spike-U assistant coach, transition to adult level play (enter an EVP Pro Tour amateur event) or get recruited to a Division 1 university beach team.


Players and parents alike now expect a lot from our tournaments and we aim to deliver.  SpikeU was the first:

  • To have a 15 court junior tournament in New England (most courts)(2014)

  • The largest junior beach event in New England (144 players)(2014 & 2015)

  • The 2nd largest EVP sanctioned Junior Splash tour stop (July 11, 2015)

  • The 1st boys beach junior tournament in New England (2013)

  • 19 players going to National beach championship tournaments and winning 1st, 2nd & 3rd place!

  • The 1st overnight weekend beach tournament (Point Sebago, May 2013)

  • New England's 1st High School Championship tournament (Aug 15, 2015)

  • New England's 1st College & University Championship tournament (Aug 20, 2016)

  • 2016........what will be next...


SpikeU founder, Matt Morrissette, epilogue...


I might not have started SpikeU if it wasn't for a terrible experience I had at a RI tournament, July 2011.  An advertised junior tournament that the night before was told to still come with your 7 families for a 3 hour car ride then arriving to see no other teams, net heights not lowered, clinic that taught overhand setting first (you don't overhand set frequently in Beach Vball, U12), used heavy hard balls for U12's (stinging their arms and preventing getting them over the net), courts that flooded from the tide, dumpster stink, never got a refund and they never proactively made good on the terrible experience by at least 6 people including the Director and board of Directors.  Because of that experience, because I see most parents overly dissatisfied with how indoor volleyball tournaments are organized in New England, because I am a continuous improvement and business consultant for 20+ years radically transforming companies and because New England has nothing of SpikeU quality and why I started Spike University with a passion to grow this sport like it should be and how you want it to be.  Sure, there will be weaknesses, that's okay, but changing them so we improve or it never happens again is a strong principle of SpikeU.  So please, stop settling for a poor experience and click on SpikeU Tournaments and sign up today!

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