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SPIKE-U  2015 Sponsors

SPIKE UNIVERSITY has loyal and phenomenally sweet and generous sponsors!

E-mail the CEO of SpikeU to become a sponsor.


Sports Authority (since 2012):      Facebook:


EVP (since 2012):       Facebook:


Sport Straps (since 2013):       Facebook:


Orange Leaf (since 2013):       Facebook:


SpikeU Promotes our sponsors:

  1. Email's to our 500+ players and parents

  2. Announcements at our 30+ events and more than 1000 listeners

  3. Postings and LIKE's on facebook

  4. Hand-out your coupons & SWAG at our 30+ events

  5. Post your banner at our 30+ events with 10,000 looks

  6. Video publicity on Fox 25 ZipTrip Morning News, SpikeU TV & Youtube

  7. Your logo on our whistles, lanyards, shirts, water bottles and more...



Questions? E-mail the CEO of SpikeU


Spike-U is New England youth's #1 choice for beach volleyball!


CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT & Canada

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