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SPIKE-U Sand Courts

SPIKE UNIVERSITY uses more than 50 public and private sand courts throughout New England to coach and host clinics & tournaments.  Spike-U has also validated the sand at a lot of these locations.  We may not recommend some courts due to the abrasive and coarseness of the sand.  Spike-U keeps high standards for safety and quality of the courts we use.  Moreover, the psychology of your game will suffer if you don't trust the sand you're playing us on this. 


Do you know of a sand court or beach near you that we should know about?  Want us to validate the sand and list it on our map or even host a clinic or coaching session on it?  Tell us by sending an email to the Director of Operations with the subject line: I Found a Sand Court!.


 Spike-U Sand Courts around New England


LEGEND:  Blue=Clinic/Coaching Sand Court;  Yellow=Tournament Sand Court;  Red=Possible Sand Court




*You are only 20 to 60 minutes from one of these sand call us for private coaching or register for a tournament today!



Want to build a sand court?  Contact us and we'll tell you the dimensions, court spec's, perfect sand specifications and a couple places to buy sand.  Want to set up your net on a beach?  Contact us and we'll tell you where the great spots are!


Spike-U will ensure it uses clean and safe volleyball courts!

Spike-U will demo the new 24" wide walk behind sand court cleaner this Summer!


Volleyball court cleaner Overview
  24in Volleyball Court Cleaner  
  • Special thanks to our friends at:

  • 24" swath

  • Hot dipped galvanized frame

  • Leaves a soft sand due to the wheel in front

  • Easy to operate

  • Pulls up unsafe debris smaller than a marble

  • Shippable to any address.  Contact Long Island Beach Cleaning today!


Questions? E-mail the Spike-U Director of Operations

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