Beach  Volleyball  for  New  England  Youth!

Thank you for purchasing cool beach volleyball stuff from SpikeU!


SPIKE-U  Cool Beach Volleyball Stuff To Buy

SPIKE UNIVERSITY sells items that are hand selected that will maximize your game! 


Cool beach volleyball items for sale (Happy Holidays!):


(blue, embroidered; 1 size fits all; "SpikeU")

SpikeU Tshirt

(Navy Blue with either yellow "bidazzle".  Specify size when paying)


(Official SpikeU beach volleyball for U12 to adult)

Sand Socks
OFF Season - Email us. We only have size 9,10,11

Option 1: Purchase at a SpikeU event (Womens 8 to 11 & Mens 7 to 10)

Option 2: Purchase online

Sweat Towel

(drape it over the net; wipe the sand off your face!)(16"x24")(Comes as pair for you and your partner)

4 left 0 left 1 left $28

(Option 1 @ a SpikeU event)

~$24.99 +S/H (Option 2 online using $10 off SpikeU coupon code) CLICK HERE to view & buy!

0 left






Girls Tank Top

(Medium only in stock.  Perfect for girls age 12 to 16.  It wears loose; typically over bikini)


(Many apparel & other items; go to their website; enter discount code SPIKEU)

SpikeU Water Bottle

(24oz, will last 1 to 2 seasons)

Sand Court Map

(Electronic PDF with address list, photo's & quality rating of each New England site)

Beach Vball Gear Bag

(14"x14"x9" with 5" inner zipper pocket)


Click on Logo


0 left unlimited qty 0 left unlimited qty 5 left






**E-mail Spike-U Customer Service or call Matt at 603-801-3923 if you have questions or concerns!


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