Beach  Volleyball  for  New  England  Youth!

Thank you for purchasing cool beach volleyball stuff from SpikeU!


SPIKE-U  Cool Beach Volleyball Stuff To Buy

SPIKE UNIVERSITY sells items that are hand selected that will maximize your game! 


Cool beach volleyball items for sale (Happy Holidays!):


(blue, embroidered; 1 size fits all; "SpikeU")

Crop Top

Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple.  Specify color when paying. Wear it during playing. Wears great over bikini.


(Official SpikeU beach volleyball for U12 to adult)

Sand Socks
OFF Season - Email us. We only have size 9,10,11

Option 1: Purchase at a SpikeU event (Womens 8 to 11 & Mens 7 to 10)

Option 2: Purchase online

Sweat Towel

(drape it over the net; wipe the sand off your face!)(16"x24")(Comes as pair for you and your partner)

4 left 100 left 1 left $28

(Option 1 @ a SpikeU event)

~$24.99 +S/H (Option 2 online using $10 off SpikeU coupon code) CLICK HERE to view & buy!

0 left







Black or White. Specify during payment. One size fits all even younger kids


(Many apparel & other items; go to their website; enter discount code SPIKEU)

SpikeU Water Bottle

(24oz, will last 1 to 2 seasons)

Sand Court Map

(Electronic PDF with address list, photo's & quality rating of each New England site)

Beach Vball Gear Bag

(14"x14"x9" with 5" inner zipper pocket)


Click on Logo


20 left unlimited qty 0 left unlimited qty 5 left






**E-mail Spike-U Customer Service or call Matt at 603-801-3923 if you have questions or concerns!


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