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Please register below for your SpikeU Clinic or Training Academy.




If you have any questions contact the Clinic Director !


  •   Fill out your player information below

  •   Read the liability waiver below and answer the math question

  •   Click the "I accept the liability waiver responsibilities" button to submit your registration

  •   You'll then be taken to the payment jump page where you click and then select the clinic you'd like to attend & pay

Training Academy Dates:
5/11-6/8 (Brookline, NH, 4-6pm)
6/15-7/13 (Brookline, NH, 4-6pm)

Clinic Dates: 
5/26 (Hudson, NH, 5-7pm)
5/29 (Hudson, NH, 11am-1pm)
5/31 (Hampton Beach, NH, 4-6pm)
6/7 (Brookline, NH, 4-6pm)
6/14 (Hampton Beach, NH, 4-6pm)
6/21 (Lakeville, MA, noon-2pm)
6/21 (Yarmouth Cape Cod, MA, 4-6pm)
6/28 (Brookline, NH, 4-6pm)
7/5 (Weirs Beach, NH, 2-4pm)
7/5 (Weirs Beach, NH, 4-6pm)
7/12 (Hampton Beach, NH, 4-6pm)

Age Group (select from list): 

Volleyball Experience (beach or indoor):  Some or a lot                 None or Very little

Gender:   Female               Male

First Name      Last Name

Date of Birth

Address:         City:        State:      Zip:

Phone # (Required): 

E-mail (Required): 

Emergency Name (Required):    Emergency Phone # (Required):
Emergency info MUST BE accurate.  We use this when accidents occur!


Clinic and Training Academy Participant Responsibility Acceptance

In order to protect SpikeU and those who are affiliated with and operate SpikeU Clinics and Training Academy, the following disclaimer needs to be accepted by each participant and/or their legal guardian.

The SpikeU Clinic and Training Academy participant (or legal guardian) acknowledges and accepts the risks inherent in the use of SpikeU beach volleyball services, equipment, and facilities operated by SpikeU.  Participant (or legal guardian) also voluntarily assumes the risk of injury, accident, death, loss or cost of damage to his or her person or property which might arise from involvement with SpikeU and releases SpikeU and its operators and affiliates from all claims and liabilities.

The participant (or legal guardian) further certifies that he or she is in good physical health and is able to undertake and engage in the physical exercise and sport activities of this volleyball Clinic and Training Academy. The participant assumes all responsibility for updating SpikeU of changes in physical condition and for reporting all incidences caused at this Clinic or Training Academy to the SpikeU affiliate on duty immediately.

The participant (or legal guardian) consents to emergency medical procedures deemed advisable in the event that participant or the emergency contact cannot be reached and participant has sustained serious injury that requires immediate and urgent medical attention.

Lastly, the participant (or legal guardian) also consents to the use of their imaging for future artwork in flyers, website and related marketing materials that are specifically for SpikeU volleyball related programs.

By clicking the ["I accept"] button below, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the aforementioned disclaimer.

AFTER you click the "I Accept..." button below (and if math question is correct), your registration information will be sent to the clinic director immediately.  You will then be taken to the Payment jump page to click on and then pay and complete your registration.  Once you process your payment your Clinic or Training Academy registration will be complete and the SpikeU director will e-mail you a confirmation e-mail.

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