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The New England Invitational Championship Tournament.

2017 is the 5th Invitational graduating the best beach volleyball players in New England!


The New England InvitationalTM,  Beach Volleyball Tournament

Saturday, August 5 2017!

This is New England's Championship beach volleyball tournament, open to everyone, seeded by New England rank.  Everyone is invited, but the players who won invitations play on the prestigious GOLD courts.  Brought to you by SPIKE UNIVERSITY, sanctioned by the EVP tour and held at Hampton Beach, NH.  The New England InvitationalTM tournament is meant for moderate to advanced skills to compete for the highest prize of "King" or "Queen" of the New England beach and be scouted by national Div 1 university beach teams.  Winners also receive a bid to the EVP National Championships (Aug 12, 2017) in Virginia Beach, Virginia against over 25 teams from around the country.  Anyone can play in the New England Championship; however, you will be seeded into the Gold, Silver or Bronze level of play.  View your ranking here: New England Rank.  If you aren't ranked then you will play in the Bronze or Silver level.  SPECIAL NOTE: Register for the High School Championship Tournament, held Aug 12 at Hampton!

E-brochure:  Click New England Invitational to download the full details of the tournament.  Print and post it on your wall!

When:  Saturday, August 5, 2017

Time:  8:30am - 3:30pm

Where:  Hampton, NH (see map) (between I and J streets)

Who:  ages 9 - Adult, (U12, U14, U16, U18, U22, AdultBB, AdultA, AdultAA, COED) (Gold,Silver,Bronze levels may be used)(we also have 3 COED nets U16/18, U22, Adult)

Price per player:  $42 (reg. before July 16),  $46 (reg. July 16 - Aug 5! REDUCED)(online reg. closes August 2 at midnight).  SpikeU offers a $5 discount per sibling playing in the same tourney & a $5 discount if you travel over 120 miles one way to our tournament (select discount on payment page)!

Theme:  Olympic outfits, Gold/Silver/Bronze (match the level you play in), matching outfits, wearing a number 1 & 2.

Format:  USAV format.  Play to 15 or 21, win by 2.  Top 4 teams make playoff's unless a quarter final is needed.

Awards:  1st, 2nd, 3rd place in Gold, Silver and Bronze levels, EVP National Bid and New England Rank

Team Names:  Team Names will be announced several times during the tournament.  Click here to see over 400 names used in our tournaments like: Kiss our Ace, Mission Unblockable, Not Up In Here & Sets in the City. 

2016 Queens of the New England Beach: Sun Fires (U12), Diggin It (U14), Jones/George(U16G), Hillers(U16S), Gold Diggers(U16B), ALAT(U18), M&M(U22)

2016 Kings of the New England Beach: Tyler and Kendall (U16), EZ Pass ('15,'16) (U18)



Female Players Male Players
U12 Age 9-12 Born on or after Sept. 1, 2004 1 team spot left!
Ace of Hearts, Meerkats, Boston Louisiana Fast Pickles, The Alpha Bunnies (Mix with U14)
U14 Age 12-14 Born on or after Sept. 1, 2002 3 team spots left! 5 team spots left!
Mighty Mini's, Soft Serve (Mix with U12)
Your team name will appear here when you're officially registered in our system
U16 Age 14-16 Born on or after Sept. 1, 2000 7 team spots left! 4 team spots left!
Sand Storms, Sugar & Spike, Volleybrawlers, Nason/Gilman, The Excavators, C-squared, Sun Setters, Bui Bombers
Rhinos (Mix with U18)
U18 Age 16-18 Born on or after Sept. 1, 1998 9 team spots left! 1 team spot left!
Faith/Murphy, Riptide, Frick and Frack, Two Bump Chumps, Generals, Red Dolphins
ZooMass Slamherst, Air Force Two, Slithering Serpents, Brotato Chip, Thunder Company, Mill City Boys
COED Teams listed here: _
U22 Age 19-22 Born on or after Sept. 1, 1994 5 team spots left! 4 team spots left!
Undecided, Purple Piranhas, Retreat, Salt and Pepper, Assassins
Mustangs (Mix with A/AA)
COED Teams listed here: Sets on the Beach, McCarthy/Spaeth, All about that Ace, Digs out for Harambe
AdultBB Age over 22 Less advanced adult skill level 5 team spot left! 5 team spots left!
Your team name will appear here when you're officially registered in our system
Your team name will appear here when you're officially registered in our system
COED Teams listed here: _
AdultA Age over 22 Semi-advanced adult skill level 5 team spot left! 4 team spots left!
Your team name will appear here when you're officially registered in our system
Dynamic Duo (Mix with U22/AA)
AdultAA Age over 22 Advanced adult skill level 5 team spot left! 4 team spots left!
Your team name will appear here when you're officially registered in our system
Sandy Balls (Mix with U22/A)

*Check this table often as the # of team spots will change





Awards for Gold (1st), Silver (2nd) and Bronze (3rd) place finish


Top finishers receive:

  • A special invitation to The New England InvitationalTM Championship Tournament (Aug 6) where the best players in New England will compete

  • Listing on Spike-U's New England ranking chart


The best theme winners get their photo taken for SpikeU publicity and social media!


Important dates:

May 29   Open registration begins for all


Aug 2    Reg. closes.  You'll receive a Player Guide via E-mail (tournament details: your net assignment, directions on how to get there, rules, map, etc.)


Important Notes:

 You need to register as a team (2 players) so find a partner you can play with BEFORE registering


 If you don't have a partner, contact the Tournament Director and he will match you up with one. Contact him  ASAP!


 Need to prepare for this tournament?  Hire one of our coaches for some great lessons and drills to get you  prepared (click here for coaching services).  Our coaches can come to you!



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