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The New England ChallengeTM,  Beach Volleyball Tournament

SPIKE UNIVERSITY's favorite sand tournament of the summer is The New England ChallengeTM.  This tournament is meant for all skills and allows all beach volleyball players a chance to advance their speed, focus and quality of play.  SpikeU created the "Challenge" format primarily because it trains you to "fight for every point" because it speeds up your tempo of play which trains you to stay focused and believe that you need to win every point.

**New: Play both days and save $20 (pays for gas!).  Register 2 players from same family and save $5pp.

E-brochure:  Click New England Challenge to download the full details of the tournament.  Print and post it on your wall!

When:  Saturday Aug 27 (Brookline, NH) and  Sunday, Aug 28 (Lakeville, MA)

Time:  9:00am - 1:00pm (All age groups, Girls)

Where:  Brookline, NH (only 15 minutes from Nashua)  and  Lakeville, MA (only 30 minutes from Boston)

Who:  ages 9-22, girls (U12, U14, U16, U18, U22)

Price per player:  $35 (reg. before Aug 14),  $39 (reg. Aug 14-20), $43 (reg. Aug 21 - 27) (online reg. closes at midnight Aug 24)

Value:  You get a free gift (really cool and worth $20), $20 Sports Authority coupons, play up to 10 games, free (usually sweet) photo's of you in action, coaching (if you ask for it) and a chance to be a New England leader.

Urgency:  Only 5 to 10 team spots available so register today!

Theme:  American Flag. Red, White and Blue. Stars & Stripes. Dress up and show your spirit!  Help make the event even better!!

Format:  Challenge format.  Play to 21.  Round Robin.  Serve when opposing team is ready (don't wait for whistle).  There are ball shagger's handing you a ball to serve.  There are no warm up's between games.  Top 4 teams make playoff's.  You will play 4 to 6 games in pool play then 2 to 4 games in playoff's.

*Playoff's involve semi-final and finals, and the same Challenge format applies during playoff's.  You may play best of 3 games to 15 or only one game to 21 during playoff's if time is constrained.


Brookline Lakeville
U12 Age 9-12 Born on or after Sept. 1, 2003 4 team spots! 3 team spots left!
Spike Sisters
Tidal Waves, The Breadwinners
U14 Age 12-14 Born on or after Sept. 1, 2001 4 team spots left! 3 team spots left!
Sizzling Spikers
Diggin It!, Spiketown
U16 Age 14-16 Born on or after Sept. 1, 1999 4 team spot! 1 team spot left!
Mad Cat!, Sand Sharks, Lemons, Scorch
U18 Age 16-18 Born on or after Sept. 1, 1997 5 team spots! 5 team spots!
Your team name will appear here when you're officially registered in our system
Your team name will appear here when you're officially registered in our system
U22 Age 19-22 Born on or after Sept. 1, 1993 5 team spots! 5 team spots!
Your team name will appear here when you're officially registered in our system
Your team name will appear here when you're officially registered in our system

*Check this table often as the # of team spots will change



Awards for Gold (1st), Silver (2nd) and Bronze (3rd) place finish


All players receive a Spike-U ranking

Individual player skill level:  Master (top), Gold, Silver, or Bronze


Team skill status:  "Queens of the Beach" for #1 in each age group


Theme winners receive a volleyball gift and/or photo/publicity on our website and advertising


Important dates:


August 13   Price increases to $39pp at midnight


August 26    By noon, you'll receive a Player Guide via E-mail (tournament details: your net assignment, directions on how to get there, rules, map, etc.)


Important Notes:


You need to register as a team (2 players) so find a partner you can play with BEFORE registering


If you don't have a partner, contact the Tournament Director and he will match you up with one. Contact him ASAP!


Need to prepare for this tournament?  Hire one of our coaches for some great lessons and drills to get you prepared (click here for coaching services).  Our coaches can come to you!


After you enter this information and click the button at the bottom, it will take you to the payment page.



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