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About  SpikeU

SPIKE UNIVERSITY was started in 2011 with only 14 players and has now grown to more than 2000.  SpikeU is the short name for Spike University, and was designed to be a teaching entity using the best methods like competitive play, individual coaching and studying the industry.   SpikeU aligns itself on making the cost lower than the majority of any other sport and reinvest itself so it continuously improves and grows. 

SpikeU started because there was NO organized beach volleyball for youth in New England.  There was one entity that had a presumed product that provided such a horrid customer experience that it became the spark that ignited SpikeU to provide what SpikeU generously does today.....inordinate value, both seen and unseen, and making good on any element of poor performance.

Spike University can provide a vehicle for youth to go from learning beach volleyball, playing for years and graduating to a university and playing for their beach team.  In order to do that, SpikeU has positioned a beginner process, a skills mastery process and a recruiting process.  There are also opportunities to play if you're over 18 that we can help with.  SpikeU can help you play at amateur events around New England, on the EVP National Pro tour or local leagues.

SpikeU is always looking for donations of time and dollar to help feed back value to our players and parents.  Please consider donating or having your company sponsor SpikeU where we can hang your banner to advertise your company.

Thank you for stopping by and hearing our story........years from now SpikeU will be seen as having built the foundation for a huge beach volleyball industry and fun sport in New England.


Please contact us at 603-801-3923 for any inquiries.



Have a question about SPIKE-U?  E-mail Director of Operations.


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